Driving business growth in Sub-Saharan Africa



Our founding principle is to make other people as passionate about brand building in Africa as we are.

We have no agenda other than achieving your goals - This allows us to be objective

We aim to leave you in better and stronger shape than when we arrived - This is all us helping your business progress and grow

We’re pragmatic, commercially-minded and able to operate in imperfect conditions - We always stay grounded and can deliver despite ambiguity

We are ambitious and relentless in the pursuit of excellence - You can trust us to do what’s right

We’ll work hard to help drive, shape and refine your thinking - We’ll ask the right questions and let you know if the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes

 You’ll always get our honest opinion - And we’d value the same from you

We’re a young company, but with years of experience - We know what we’re doing and don’t’ rely on juniors