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Driving business growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

African Grey is focused on growing your African business 

We provide consumer understanding insight generation, innovation, strategy, great research and relevant brand activation

We are wary of just listening to consumers: we like to get as close to the world they live in and how they use and buy brands.

With our broad market and category exposure, we can offer you the benefit of our knowledge, experience and perspective. We know the importance of context, culture and common sense. Our independence means we are not wedded to any particular methodology- we enjoy the freedom to choose whichever approach will best solve your business issue.

We are a young company, but one with decades of experience. So we’re not bogged down by legacy and we are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Importantly, we have a proven network of associates, partners and friends across the continent.

''African Grey are flexible in their approach and provide outputs with deep cultural insights for brand connections and follow through with strong recommendations''  (Danone)