Glaxo Smith Kline


Nigeria & Kenya

Tough at the bottom

The problem
There’s been a lot of focus on the emergent middle class but our client, GSK, wanted to understand whether they could play a role with those at the bottom end of the pyramid where consumers are living on under a dollar a day. Specifically, what could they do to provide an affordable source of key nutrients that often fell outside their day-to-day diet?

How did we solve this?
We gained access to some of the poorest consumers in the slum areas around Lagos and Nairobi and spent time in their homes getting to know their families and communities, recording what they ate and drank and so were able to work out their common health risks

The Solution
We adapted a range of foodstuffs so that they could be fortified with essential vitamins and minerals and used opinion-leaders in the community to drive take-up.